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Send in your own material

Articles are welcomed. Articles should not normally exceed 3 pages of A4. Subjects must be relevant or of interest to the areas of Mudeford Sandbank, Christchurch Harbour or Hengistbury Head. Even poetry or music may be of interest.

You may wish to provide your choice of (non-copyright) illustrations to accompany your text, or you may wish to leave the choice of illustrations to the editor, with your agreement if required. Artists- illustrations likely to be of interest are welcomed. For the newspaper clear black and white illustrations are most favoured. Colour, or photographs annoy the printer. Wood cuts, pen and ink or line art that photocopies well is likely to be OK.

Rates for text vary according to market forces, but a sum (half the NUJ rate), of approx. 5p a word is likely for whatever is accepted for publication, subject to editing and single use in print (with normal subsequent web archiving). For art-work a professional artist might recieve £50 for a commissioned piece, but realistically £10 is more usual for a chosen item, subject to single use and web-archiving. Intellectual property rights (copyright) is negotiable.

Selection of your work is at the editors discretion. Artistic and Literary licence is claimed as are requests for revision if thought necessary. Chosen work is subject to space. Please contact the editor with your suggestions or enquiries. So far writers and artists seem to have been kept happy and changes have been almost unknown!